The Fitting Experience

When you schedule a private fitting with Chapelo Hats, the experience is truly extraordinary. The initial fitting encompasses multiple head measurements and full hat design. Extreme care is taken to ensure Chapelo hats fit perfectly and embody a design that meets individual taste while complementing unique facial structure.

The appointment will start with proper head measurements. Three measurements are taken, three distinct ways.

  • The first measurement is head circumference which is performed using a measuring tape.
  • The second measurement is head length + width, by using a large caliper.
  • The third measurement is true head shape using a 19th century French Conformateur.

Once precise measurements are recorded, the appointment will move to design.

Design includes two categories; shape and palette.

  • The Shape of the hat is determined by the desired look and facial structure. The design elements include Crown Height, Crown Features, and Brim width.
  • The Color Palette is determined by desired look and lifestyle. The Beaver Felt + Cotton/Rayon Ribbon is available in a variety of colors. Additional hat accessories such as feathers can be used to complete the look.
Floating hat

The completion of the fitting + design appointment is the reception of our customer into the Chapelo family. The beaver felt will be ordered and measurements will be transcribed to a 19th century formillion in our Sylvania, Ohio workshop. Chapelo Bespoke hats are 100% handmade and hand sewn. The full production process will take 3 weeks to complete.

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